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Not Sure Which Wine to Choose?

Our staff can help you find the perfect blend for your dinner party

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Make Your Dinner Party One to Remember

Enjoy a delightful evening with good friends and great wine

At The Wine & Liquor Chateau, we know that choosing the right bottle of wine can sometimes be a challenge sometimes. Our friendly staff works hard to help you find the right variety and price point for your needs.

Need liquor for cocktails? We've got you covered. We also carry a large selection of spirits. Visit us today to pick up a bottle of top-quality tequila.

Shop our extensive wine selection

Before your friends arrive, make sure you stop by The Wine & Liquor Chateau to pick up spirits for evening. You can choose from our wide selection of:

Champagne: Celebrate a birthday or anniversary with a bottle of bubbly.
Merlot: Select a balanced red to serve at your game night with friends.
Tequila: Relax by the pool and indulge in a margarita.
Gin: Finish off your dinner with a classic gin and tonic.

Need a wine recommendation? Our staff has you covered. We stock our shelves based on customer feedback. Stop by our wine and liquor store today-you'll be pleased with our selection.

Find spirits for every occasion

At The Wine & Liquor Chateau, we take pride in providing top-quality liquor at affordable prices. Whether you're planning a party or just need wine for a weeknight dinner, we've got you covered.

Find out why we're a preferred wine and liquor store in the Williamsville area.